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post Feb 10 2005, 10:57 AM
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Can I change mode's parameters (encryption sections parameters, expired or not , etc.) after we sent few registration keys to customers?
CAUTION: DON'T CHANGE mode's parameters because new registration keys will be invalid for protected applications.

Does ASProtect have the same compression engine as ASPack or I have to order ASPack separately?
ASProtect already has the same compression engine as ASPack.

How much does my EXE (DLL) file expand after processing with ASProtect? What files (DLL, OCX) should I install to an user's system after protecting the application ?
ASProtect is an envelope protection, so the code is attached to the application. ASProtect does not require any additional DLL (OCX) files. After packing your application (using the ASPack compression engine), about 100 Kb of protection code are attached to it, so the size alteration cannot become greater than 100 Kb. However, thanks to great compression, your distributive will definitely be not larger, and for applications larger than 500 Kb in size it becomes smaller !

What is the Encryption Key parameter in the Modes tab ?
This parameter is used in case of external registration scheme. Ignore it if you are using the built-in registering system of ASProtect.

I want to use the built-in system generating registration keys. What is the probability that a cracker who has the ASProtect will be able to get the protection keys for my application ?
It is virtually impossible. ASProtect uses strong cryptographic algorithms for registration keys generation.


In case if I use the built-in system generating registration keys, and I lose the project file, how can I restore data to generate more registration keys ?
You cannot do it at all, because constants for generating keys are stored in the project.

My application has been using a reliable system of registration keys for a long time. Can I use ASProtect along with my registration key system?
Yes, you can. However, it depends on the structure of your registration keys. If you have a constant in a key for each product, you can easily use the full power of ASProtect (just copy the constant into a binary file and specify the path to this file in the Encryption Key parameter (Modes tab).

What is the length of a registration key (in characters)?
The minimal length of a key is 22 characters.

I want to use the ASProtect system generating registration keys instead of my old one. Thousands of users enjoy my programs. Can I automate ASProtect system generating registration keys instead of generating each key manually?
Sure. The ASProtect distributive comprises a special keygen.dll, that provides automatic key-generation based on the project file and user's information.

Can I automate Keygen parameters generating for my own Key Generator?
Yes, ASProtect package also contains special template based mode-specific keys data generator (keygen.exe). Keys data generator uses your project file to generate a C or Delphi language template that you can modify to create your own key generator. Keys data generator produces the templates in C and Delphi formats only and designed for Delphi and VC examples (Examples\KeyGen), but you can easily integrate it with your own examples. A template is a generated "GenerateKey" routine that includes the function header and filled with mode-specific information function body. In order to use it, you should specify your project file, choose activation keys mode and press "Generate Template" button.

What are the name of parameters for the Key Generator?
The list of all parameters:

Constants (p1, p3, p6, p7) from your project (.aspr2 file, Activation Keys section)

C1 - p1
C3 - p3
C6 - p6
C7 - p7

RegName - Registration Name,
HardwareID - Hardware Identifier,
ExpirationDate - Key expires in N day later,
EncryptionConst - Encryption constant,
ModeID - Mode number (1..15),
SignatureBits - Signature size in bits.

You can get all KeyGen parameters values from your project file or generate request string automatically with keygen_ide tool usage (just select required mode and press GenURL button). All KeyGen parameters has the same names as in your project file.

Could you please describe KeyGen request string for ASProtect RegTrial example ?

KeyGen Request example (without CRLF):


You can test it by click here.

How can I launch ASProtect from a command line in order to make ASProtect protect a file and exit? This function is needed for creating a distributive.
You can use this command line example for automatic project launching and exiting after processing:

c:\ASProtect\ASProtect.exe -process d:\Applications\MyappApp.aspr2

How can hide ASProtect project IDE window?
You can edit project *.ini file and change "ProjectIdeWindow" parameter, e.g. like this:

[Project Options]
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